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The Photographic Society of America (PSA) is a worldwide organization for anyone with an interest in photography. Founded in 1934, the Society is for casual shutterbugs, serious amateurs, and professional photographers.

The opportunity to enjoy your hobby with members in 60 countries throughout the world. Established in 1934, it is the largest association of its kind, bringing together professional and amateur enthusiasts of all ages and levels of achievement. As a non-profit organization, its mission is to promote and enhance the art and science of photography in all its phases, among members and non-members alike.



The mission of the  Photographic Society of America (PSA) is to promote the art and science of photography as a means of communication, image appreciation and cultural exchange.

PSA provides education, information, inspiration and opportunities to all persons interesrted in photography.

The Society fosters personal growth and expression, creativity, excellence and ethical conduct in all aspects of photographic endeavor.


There are over 6,000 international PSA members, including both amateur and professional photographers, residing in nearly 80 countries. Membership is organized based on the geographical locations. 

Clubs and Councils

There are over 500 camera clubs throughout the world who are members of PSA. One of the primary activities of PSA-member clubs is participating in the PSA Interclub Competitions. 

A camera club council may also be known as an association, federation, or organization of camera or photography clubs. A camera club council consists of a number of camera clubs, usually located in a geographic area, which join together to participate in photographic activities as a group. All camera clubs are PSA members. Each year these Councils can compete in the PSA Council’s Challenge. Councils have activities including competitions, field trips, and speaker programs. 


There are ten Chapters which may be considered as “local” PSA branches and are composed of only PSA members. An annual PSA Chapter Showcase competition is held at the PSA Annual Conference. Chapters submit a PSA Chapter’s Gallery quarterly which is a print gallery of their member’s works. Any PSA member residing in the vicinity of a Chapter should feel free to attend any of their activities. Chapters also have activities including competitions, field trips, and speaker programs. 

Board of Directors

Meet the Board of Directors  (link to new page of BM)

PSA is governed by a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee that establishes PSA policies, procedures,and practices as set forth in the PSA Bylaws. The Board holds at least two meetings annually, one prior to the Annual Conference and one during the spring at PSA Headquarters.

The Board of Directors is composed of twelve members. The President, Executive Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and an At-Large Board member serve as the Executive Committee. Those same officers make up the Finance Committee. The Board elects the Board of Directors for a two-year term. The Board is elected each odd-numbered year (Division Officers are elected each even-numbered year).

Prior to an election year, the Nominating Committee prepares a slate of candidates for the Board positions. PSA members may nominate another member and a PSA member can self-nominate sending the nomination to the Nominating Committee to assess. The Nominating Committee publishes the slate in the March PSA Journal in odd years. The Board of Directors elects each board member, one at a time at the Annual Spring board meeting in odd years. The Board members assume their duties the day following the PSA Annual Conference.

Organizational Chart (pdf)


PSA is an organization of dedicated volunteers who create, implement, and manage all PSA programs, services, and activities.  Those who have some time or a special expertise that they would be willing to contribute to the PSA mission, programs, services, activities, and projects should contact those active in a program or activity of interest to the volunteer. Some opportunities are short, one-time projects, others are ongoing.

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