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The Photographic Society of America (PSA) offers membership to individuals, clubs and organizations, promoting education and growth to all members.  

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Membership Fees

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PSA offers individual, clubs and orgazinations membership.   Councils further divide Clubs into regional areas of the US.  

Chapters are PSA members, in a localized area……  

Club Benefits

Visit our memership areas around the world

Members Tools

Members recieve an ID to use logging on to the website, update their profile, save and/or print a membership card and access  Members Only Pages

Manage My Membership
Print a new Membership Card
Access the Members Only page
Access the Club/Council Representative Page
Member Search



PSA’s monthly Journal can be digital or printed, depending on membership type.   The Who’s Who in Photography is an annual publication.  The Projector is produced quarterly for the Clubs.



PSA Journal
Who’s Who in Photography
The Projector – Clubs
PSA Logos
Online Sources for Music

Membership Milestones

Members receive recognition when they have reached each 5 years of membership.

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Membership Referrals

Members earn recognition by referring a new member to PSA.  The referring member receives ‘membership stars’ and are elegible to receive a free membership for referring a specified number of members.



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Seven online photograpy courses are available.  Consutants assist members in using their photographic skills, participating in PSA programs, entering  and hosting Exhibitons.

Online Courses

Individual Opportunities


Opportunities for  individuals to share, learn and improve their photography.


Study Groups


Each Division offers competitions for individual PSA Members, and an Interclub competition for Clubs.  Clubs sponsor Website and Newletter competitions.



Interclub Competition
Website Competition
Newsletter Compentition

Service to PSA

Volunteer Opportunities




Members can create a Member Gallery, which remains on the site for as long as the PSA Membership stays current.

Galleries Overview


Members receive awards for service to the Society and/or photographic achievement.  Clubs are eligible for annual Service Awards.



PSA Service Awards


Discounts for software, hardware, and workshops.

Complete Listing of Discounts  link to the Discounts Page


Members also have access to:



Study Groups
Image Evaluation
Chapter Workshops and Outtings
Youth Showcase Program
Volunteer Positions

For specific questions regarding Clubs, Councils or Federations, contact:…..
For specific questions regarding Divisions, contact:…..

Membership Fees
Digital Membership – Adult

Digital Membership – Youth

Membership, USA, Canada, Mexico

Membership – outside USA, Canada & Mexico

Youth Membership, USA, Canada Mexico

Youth Membership – outside USA, Canada & Mexico








2 year membership $
3 year membership $